“Let me first start off by saying Lynn has to be one of the top coders and best teacher I’ve ever had. Not everyone can actually teach what they know!

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn when looking for a local CPC course in the Richmond area. After going down a list of numbers and emails, Lynn was the only one who actually answered the phone the very FIRST attempt & answered all of my questions without hesitation. I could tell I was talking to someone very professional, knowledgably and confident in her skill. It was like music to my ears and I just knew I wanted to join her class. I was so excited that I even talked my husband into joining the class with me and recommend it to a few others.

During our 4 months of coding we really learned a lot of useful information to prepare for the CPC exam. Lynn’s patience and expertise in coding was so helpful in teaching this course to many of us who were new to the “coding world”. She made sure all questions were answered and we all were on the same track before moving on. She always arrived early and offered to go over anything if you needed extra help. Lots of resources were also given to us for a better understanding and study guide if needed. We were also taught how to mark and highlight key information in our books to help us when taking the actual exam which comes in handy on test day when you are under pressure for a timed exam.

So not only is Lynn an awesome teacher but she really is the nicest person you will ever meet. With her sweet personality, I nor any of the others I knew taking her course ever felt judged no matter how silly our questions may seem. Now months later I have PASSED my CPC EXAM and I continue to reach out to Lynn when I have a question or just need advice. And just as you would expect, she continues to respond back right away and help out where she can. Now that is dedication to your students and this is why you should register for your CPC course with Mid-Atlantic Coding!”

– Princess S., CPC

“In August of 2014, I chose a pathway to a better future. I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn Pegram from Mid-Atlantic Coding. I became a CPC in early 2015, thanks to her class! Since becoming a CPC my income has risen $16,000!! I also have gained some very good friends! …what are you waiting for?”

– Sara S.

“If you are thinking about becoming a coder, I HIGHLY recommend this class! Lynn has a vast wealth of knowledge with her 20+ years of coding. Lynn is a wonderful teacher and one of the most Christian persons I’ve ever met.

There is a lot to learn about coding in 4 months, and the national exam is a beast in itself. However, unlike most teachers who just teach the subject matter, Lynn teaches with so much passion and energy, it makes you want to learn. Lynn is very patient, and if you have a question, she will make sure everyone is on the same page before she continues with the class. If she does not know the answer, she will research the answer until she finds it. All the numerous handouts, homework (yes, homework!), and quizzes will definitely help you in preparing for the national exam. If you study hard and give it your 110% for this class, you’ll succeed in passing the exam. My only regret is that I wished I had taken this class sooner!

I received my CPC in August 2015 and am now employed as a Clinical Coding Auditor for a major healthcare organization in Tidewater. Thanks you so much, Lynn! You have been a big inspiration in my new career in coding!”

– Edgar DeLuna, CPC

“If you want to learn Medical Coding from a well- educated, 20+ year experience in coding than this is the instructor for you! Lynn brings with her experience hands on equipment as she explains procedures throughout your CPT book.

She is patient and there for you when you have one on one questions that you may want more explanation as to why or how something is coded. She covers everything thoroughly with your ICD9, CPT and any work books you may have. She will have you prepared for the national test so that it will be easy for you to pass! It’s all up to you and your hard work and determination to JUST DO IT!!!

Taking the class with Lynn and changing careers has been the best thing I have done in working for the past 23 years. Medical Coding is the way to go and you can see it for yourself!!!! Again, JUST DO IT!!!”

– Karen Harris, CPC

“In 2010, I signed up to take a course in Medical Coding; Lynn Pegram was my instructor. I did not have a clinical background before taking the class, but Lynn taught me in a way that made it easy to learn and understand. I also liked the fact that the class was only for 3 months. I passed the AAPC exam the first time around and I am now employed as a clinical coding specialist.”

– Cheryl Webb, CPC

“I am so thankful to have had Lynn Pegram as my instructor. For someone who has been out of a school setting for over 10 years, and to have to learn such a complex subject as medical coding, I couldn’t have had a better instructor. With Lynn’s many years of expertise, teaching style, and patience to answer my many questions I was able to easily comprehend medical coding and enjoy the class along the way. I know it was because of her teaching that I was able to pass my AAPC coding exam on the first try as I was fully prepared for the exam through her Medical Coding course. I would highly recommend Lynn Pegram to anyone, she’s the absolute best!”

– Mateshia Wright, CPC

“I am a former welder and metal fabricator. In late spring of 2011, I took Lynn Pegram’s medical coder course. I had zero previous knowledge of medical terminology, diagnosis and procedure prior to entering the course (except for the common knowledge stuff like sinus infections, flu, etc). Lynn was extremely helpful in teaching me all the necessary tools to pass the certification exam, as well as preparing me for my future as a medical coder. As the students in the class had various levels of knowledge, experience and learning ability, she made sure that no one was left behind, and everyone got the attention needed to perform well. I took the certification exam one week after finishing the course, and passed on my first attempt. I was also able to gain employment at a very good company after taking the exam, and have excelled on the job. I credit Lynn for preparing me so well to be able to excel in this field.”

– Thomas Woolford, CPC

“I signed up for coding class in 2008 and was terrified, however, once I met Lynn I knew I was in good hands. Right off I realized this was a person who would be there even after my class ended and I went out into the field of coding. Lynn brought her own personal experiences into the class including props, I think that helped to bring everything together. We were not just coding what the books wanted us to code but we were coding real life situations, things that really happen to people around us. She has a knack for bringing the class and the cases to life and that knack draws you in and keeps you focused. Lynn’s love and pride of her family and her career are assets to each student as she has such pride in her students as well and wants you to succeed.

I wish all future students the best and have just a little advice; take a deep breath and jump right in, Lynn will be there to guide you, take notes and have fun. Welcome to the world of coding!”

– Wendy Atkins, CPC

“What can I say about a teacher that loves what she does like Lynn. Well, she shows it through her patience, understanding, encouragements and just down right not giving up spirit for her students. I know because I had the pleasure of sitting under her instructions and fun loving spirit in 2008 Certified Professional Coder Class (CPC) at Bryant & Straton College. I remember one particular time that I felt overwhelmed, I just couldn’t grasp what was going on dealing with E/M codes, Lynn had me to focus on the simplicity of what I was doing. I will never forget she said “Mary you are reading to much into it, just give what is asked no more no less” I did just what she instructed me to do and I began to see the difference in my test grades and quizzes. All the way through to my finals. Lynn, because of you I passed my final and now I’m a Certified Professional Coder (CPC). Lynn you will always be my (Sista Teacher) forever. Thank you for believing in me and taking time with me until I understood E/M codes and more. I Love You To Life!!”

– Mary Allen, CPC

“Had the pleasure of being a student in Lynn’s Medical Billing and Coding Class.May I say that Lynn is an excellent teacher and she explains the coding procedures in detail. Lynn also gives you the class participation and verbal/written tests you need to get a better understanding of coding procedures. Should you find yourself needing help with Coding and Billing procedures, Lynn would be an excellent source.”

– Brenda Bagley

“I have been friends with Lynn Pegram for many years. Our boys played ball together when they were young. Lynn encouraged me to take her coding class and I am so happy I did. I have been a CPC for 6 years now and love it! I have a job with a great company and would not be there if not for Lynn. She is a wonderful instructor and loves teaching.”

– Martha Southall, CPC